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Product Spotlight
April 27, 2020
1587569664 Jfw 50 P2103 Sma 4 180x150 Mwrf 042720

USB attenuator covering 0.1-18GHz with 0-63dB x 0.5dB range

50P-2103 is a 50 Ohm, solid-state, 0.1-18GHz programmable attenuator from 0 to 63dB in 0.5dB steps with SMA female RF connectors.

USB Test Software Features:

  • Auto-discovery of any JFW USB attenuators connected to the computer.
  • Control attenuator(s) using a slider bar, increment buttons, or manually entering the attenuation value.
  • Set persistent device names for better organization of complex test scenarios.
  • Create test scripts that can control many attenuators.
  • Fade and Handover commands can be executed in Sequential or Synchronous mode.

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1587569665 Jfw 50 Pma151 6 180x150 Mwrf 042720

Radio-to-Radio signal fade testing @ 2-8GHz for up to 8 radios             

Model 50PMA-151 is our latest 8 port transceiver test system. Connect up to 8 radios in a full mesh fan-out configuration.  It operates 2-8GHz with 0-63dB x 1dB step attenuators.  The full-mesh configuration has 28 internal RF paths between radios, each with its own individually-controlled step attenuator.

  • Full mesh configuration
  • 2-8 GHz operation
  • 0-63dB x 1dB step attenuators on every path
  • Ethernet or Serial remote control
  • Keypad and display for easy Network setup
  • Software provided with path fading functionality built-in

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1587569664 Jfw 50 Fhxxx 1 180x150 Mwrf 042720

50-Watt attenuator with 4.3/10 RF connectors

50FH-XXX-50-3 is a family of 50-Watt fixed attenuators which are available with several RF connectors types including 4.3/10 connectors. These attenuators are rated for up to 50 Watts of continuous RF input power and operate from DC-3000 MHz. JFW can offer mixed RF connectors like 4.3/10 male to N female. The available attenuation values are 1dB through 50dB in 1-dB increments. Learn More >>

1587569665 Jfw 50 S1772 Xx2 2 180x150 Mwrf 042720

40-GHz 1P2T coaxial RF switch with 2.9mm female

50S-1772-XX is a failsafe electro-mechanical 1P2T coaxial switch for RF testing.  It operates DC-40 GHz and has 2.9mm female RF connectors. It has a single control line which is Voltage controlled with either +12, +15, +24 or +28 Vdc. With no control Voltage applied, the unit is failsafe from COM port to NC port (i.e. normally closed port). With control Voltage applied, it will switch to path COM port to NO port (i.e. normally open port). Learn More >>

1587569665 Jfw 75 P223 F 3 180x150 Mwrf 042720

0.25dB-Step, 75-Ohm programmable attenuator for CATV industry DOCSIS testing

Model 75P-223 is JFW’s newest 75-Ohm programmable attenuator that features 0.25dB steps. It covers 5-2150MHz with an attenuation range of 0-63.75dB in 0.25dB steps.  It is TTL controlled for easy implementation into your RF test setup and available with F, BNC, or N RF connectors. Learn More >>

1587569664 Jfw 50 Pa1019162 9 5 180x150 Mwrf 042720

Rack-Mounted Attenuation Systems for 5G / Millimeter Wave Development and Test!

The 50PA-1019-XX 2.9 MM is available with up to 16 attenuators. This new series of Ethernet-controlled RF attenuator systems was specifically developed for testing mm-wave and 5G radios in a laboratory environment. A 100 MHz to 40 GHz bandwidth and attenuation from 0-62dB x 1-dB are ideal for receiver testing and network emulation of fixed 5G and mobile 5G wireless network components. A simple Ethernet/RS-232 interface and standard 2.9 MM RF connectors make integration simple as well. Learn More >>


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