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Product Spotlight
June 15, 2020
1591994164 Tav1541

Ultra-Low Noise MMIC Transistor, 45 to 6000 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ TAV1-541+ is a MMIC D-PHEMT transistor with an operating frequency range from 45 to 6000 MHz, supporting a wide range of applications.  This model provides a unique combination of low noise (0.4 dB) and high gain (24 dB) and high IP3 (+32 dBm), making it ideal for sensitive receiver applications. The unit comes housed in a tiny 1.4 x 1.2mm QFN package and is recommended as a footprint compatible replacement for Avago ATF-541M4.

1591994165 Zhssk18 G

Suspended Substrate High-Pass Filter, 18 to 40 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ ZHSS-K18G+ is a wideband suspended substrate high-pass filter with a passband from 18 to 40 GHz. The filter achieves 1.5 dB passband insertion loss and 80 dB rejection in the stopband with fast roll-off. It can handle up to 2W RF input power and comes in a rugged connectorized housing (0.43 x 0.60 x 0.48”) with 2.92mm-F connectors.

1591994164 Ep25 G1

Low Cost MMIC Splitters Cover 12 to 43.5 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ EP2-5G1+ MMIC 2-way splitter/combiner covers the entire 12 to 43.5 GHz range, supporting high-performance applications from 5G to phased array radar and more. This model provides 1.3 dB insertion loss, 24 dB isolation, and low unbalance (0.1 dB /4° typ.). It can handle up to 0.5W RF power as a splitter or combiner and comes in a 2x2mm QFN package.

1591994165 Vnax

Precision VNA Cables from DC to 67 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ VNAX-series of Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) cables now offers extended frequency range from DC to 67 GHz, supporting 5G and other millimeter wave testing applications. Three new models feature a 1.85mm male connector at one end and a 1.85mm rugged female connector at the other end for direct connection to VNA ports. VNAX-series cables are available from stock in your choice of 2 ft., 3ft. and 1M lengths.

1591994164 Eqy

MMIC Fixed Equalizers Flatten DC to 45 GHz

Mini-Circuits has expanded its popular EQY-family of MMIC fixed equalizers with new models covering the entire DC to 45 GHz frequency range. The EQY-xx-453+ series of equalizers features attenuation slope values of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 dB. All models feature excellent VSWR (1.17:1 – 1.29:1) with good RF power handling (+27 to +30 dBm). They come in 2x2mm QFN and bare die formats.

1591994163 Zvbp13 R1 Gs

Cavity Band Pass Filter, 11700 to 14500 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ ZVBP-series of cavity bandpass filters now offers bandwidths up to 3x Fc offering the same outstanding rejection and selectivity for wider-band applications. New model ZVBP-13R1G-S+ has a passband from 11700 to 14500 MHz. The filter provides 10W RF power handling with 0.8 dB passband insertion loss, 56 dB lower stopband rejection and 42 dB upper stopband rejection up to 22 GHz.

1591994164 Mpga152

MMIC Dual Matched Amplifier, 30 to 1500 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ MPGA-152+ is a dual matched MMIC amplifier covering the 30 to 1500 MHz range, ideal for VHF and UHF applications. This model provides outstanding dynamic range with +67 dBm IP2, +48 dB IP3 and 2.7 dB noise figure. It features two matched die in a single 4x4mm, 24-pad QFN package.

1591994165 Zhl5 W63

5W Class-AB Amplifier, 600 to 6000 MHz

Mini-Circuits ZHL-5W-63-S+ is a class AB medium power amplifier with GaN output transistor supporting a wide range of applications from 600 to 6000 MHz. This model provides +37 dBm output power at saturation with 45 dB gain and high OIP3 of +42 dBm. The amplifier operates on a 28V DC supply and comes in a compact aluminum alloy housing (6.7 x 4.3 x 1.18” with SMA connectors and an optional heat sink.


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