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Product Spotlight
September 21, 2020
1599767388 Jfw 50 Pma151 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

Radio-to-Radio signal fade testing @ 2-8GHz for up to 8 radios             

Model 50PMA-151 is our latest 8 port transceiver test system. Connect up to 8 radios in a full mesh fan-out configuration for tests between 2 and 8 GHz.  The full-mesh configuration has 28 internal RF paths between radios, each with its own individually-controlled 0-63 dB attenuator with 1-dB steps. The system is controlled via Ethernet or Serial commands and manually with a front-panel keypad and display. Control software is provided with built-in fading functionality. Learn More >>

1599767388 Jfw 50 P2103 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

USB-controlled programmable attenuator with 0-63 dB in 0.5-dB steps

50P-2103 is a 0.1-18GHz programmable attenuator with 0 to 63 dB of attenuation in 0.5dB steps. Includes USB software with manual control via GUI, scripting capabilities, and built-in fade commands (Python libraries available upon request). The attenuator is rated at +24 dBm RF input power and comes standard with SMA female connectors. Learn More >>

1599767388 Jfw 50 Pd871 Sma2 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

Resistive 8-Way divider / combiner designed for WiFi 6E testing

JFW Model 50PD-871 SMA is a resistive 8-way power divider/combiner that operates DC-7.2 GHz.  It is available with 50 Ohm SMA female RF connectors. Its designed with a symmetrical layout (i.e. star configuration) so that all paths thru the 8-way have equal insertion loss, functioning as a 9 port RF hub. Learn More >>

1599767389 Jfw 50 Dr141 N 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

Dual rotary attenuator for LTE Band 42 testing

JFW is excited to announce a new dual rotary attenuator, 50DR-141, that covers LTE band 42. It functions from DC up to 3600 MHz. This attenuator handles up to 2 Watts of RF power. The maximum attenuation is 40 dB in 1 dB increments. The 50DR-141 has mounting holes in the front plate for easy mounting on panels for instrumentation applications. RF connector options include SMA or N. Learn More >>     

1599767389 Jfw 50 Pa1068 N 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

Modular assembly expandable up to 192 attenuators

Many of today’s RF test labs require the ability to expand testing capacity for future needs.  JFW Model 50PA-1068 is an RF attenuator assembly that meets that requirement.  It contains a controller module which can be connected to up to as many as 8 attenuator modules. The SMA version has 24 attenuators per module and the N attenuator module has 12. Each attenuator provides 0-95 dB of attenuation in 1-dB steps, covers 800-6000 MHz, and handles +27 dBm of RF input power. Learn More >>

1599767390 Jfw 50 Ba04363 Sma 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

2 Channel Attenuator Assembly Covering 100 MHz to 18 GHz

JFW model 50BA-043-63 SMA is a two-channel attenuator assembly that covers 100 MHz to 18 GHz. Each RF channel consists of a solid-state programmable attenuator with attenuation ranging 0 to 63dB in 0.5 dB increments. The attenuators can be controlled individually or as a group by Ethernet, RS-232 (GUI provided), or manually via momentary toggle switches on the front panel. Learn More >>

1599767391 Jfw 50 Fh0205034 310 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

50-Watt attenuator with 4.3/10 RF connectors

50FH-XXX-50-3 is a family of 50-Watt fixed attenuators which are available with several RF connectors types including 4.3/10 connectors. These attenuators are rated for up to 50 Watts of continuous RF input power and operate from DC-3000 MHz. JFW can offer mixed RF connectors like 4.3/10 male to N female. The available attenuation values are 1dB through 50dB in 1-dB increments. Learn More >>

1599767391 Jfw 50 Br160 N 180x150 Mwrf 092120 Kmr

New manually variable attenuator for 5G testing in Band 48 (CBRS) spectrum

JFW Model 50BR-160 is a benchtop 50 Ohm manual attenuator. It has an attenuation range 0 to 121dB by 1dB steps with an average RF power rating of 1 Watt. The operating frequency range is DC to 4000 MHz so it’s perfect for testing in the new Band 48 (CBRS) spectrum. Available with N female or SMA female connectors on the rear panel. Learn More >>


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