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Product Spotlight
June 21, 2021
1623693142 Mdb54 H

Wideband MMIC Double Balanced Mixer, RF/LO 20 to 50 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ MDB-54H+ is a MMIC double balanced mixer with RF and LO frequencies from 20 to 50 GHz, and IF frequencies from DC to 20 GHz. Fabricated using InGaP HBT technology, the mixer operates on 15 dBm LO power level and achieves L-R isolation as high as 45 dB with input IP3 of 20 dBm. It is usable as an up and down converter, and is ideal for applications in the millimeter wave range including 5G, WiGig, SatCom and more.   

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1623693142 Lfcn Series

LTCC Lowpass Filter Series for mmWave Applications

Mini-Circuits’ new LFCN series features some of the industry’s highest frequency LTCC lowpass filters with passbands reaching up to 30.5 GHz and stopbands expanding to 50 GHz. These filters provide rejection up to 40 dB, insertion loss as low as 1.2 dB and power handling up to 1W. These new models offer all the benefits of LTCC components for systems operating in the mmWave range. They come in tiny (3.2 mm x 1.6 mm), rugged packages suitable for pick-and-place assembly.    

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1623693141 Zv47 K44

Coaxial Peak/Envelope Power Detector Measures 0.5 to 43.5 GHz, -30 to +15 dBm

Mini-Circuits’ ZV47-K44+ is a 2.92 mm connectorized peak/envelope power detector offering a wide frequency range of 0.5 to 43.5 GHz, supporting many applications including test and measurement, point-to-point microwave links, power control and more. This model is suitable for CW signals and provides wide dynamic range of input power, -30 to +15 dBm. It all comes in a compact housing (0.82 x 0.69 x 0.37”) and operates on a single +5V supply voltage.     

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1623693142 Abf7 R75 G

Thin-Film Bandpass Surface Mount Filter

Mini-Circuits introduces its first thin-film bandpass filter, ABF-7R75G+, with a passband from 6300 to 9200 MHz. This filter’s thin-film construction guarantees an enhanced Q and repeatable performance, as well as high rejection up to 50 dB, and 20 dB rejection up to 30 GHz without re-entry and passband insertion loss of 1.5 dB. ABF-7R75G+ comes in a 0.220 x 0.320” housing and is suitable for applications including 5G, wireless communications, and test and measurement.   

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1623693142 Rcdat50 G30

50 GHz USB & Ethernet Controlled Programmable Attenuator

Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-50G-30 programmable attenuator extends the popular RCDAT-product family’s coverage with a frequency range spanning 0.1 to 50 GHz. This new model has an attenuation range from 0 to 31.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps, and fast transitions in as little as 100 ns. Housed in 2.92 mm connectorized package, RCDAT-50G-30 allows for control of up to 25 attenuators through a single interface via a “daisy chain” connection. This attenuator is suitable for test applications including VHF, UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku and K bands, 5G and more.     

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1623693143 Usb1 Sp2 Ta44

Ultra-Wideband Absorptive Solid-State Switch

Mini-Circuits’ USB-1SP2T-A44 is a USB-controlled absorptive SPDT solid-state with a frequency range from 0.1 to 43.5 GHz. This switch provides isolation up to 50 dB at 40 GHz, and insertion loss as low as 1.5 dB. This model features Mini-Circuits’ unique daisy chain interface allowing control of up to 25 switches from a single connection. USB-1SP2T-A44 is housed in a low-profile package (3.45 x 1.70 x 0.60”) with 2.92 mm connectors and comes with Mini-Circuits’ user-friendly GUI application for Windows and a full API for programming. This switch is suitable for high frequency signal routing applications including 5G semiconductor testing and more.    

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1623693141 Zkl33 Ulns

Coaxial Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier

Mini-Circuits’ ZKL-33ULN-S+ ultra-low noise amplifier covers the 400 to 3000 MHz band with an extremely low noise figure of just 0.36 dB at 0.9 GHz. Equipped with an internal voltage regulator, this amplifier provides +36 dBm at 0.9 GHz OIP3 v. DC power consumption, P1dB as high as +18 dBm, and gain as high as 35 dB. ZKL-33ULN-S+ is suitable for applications including LTE, GPS, and more. This amplifier is packages in a small (1.38 x 1.00 x 0.75”), SMA connectorized housing with class 3A ESD rating.    

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1623693142 Bfco252

Ultra-Small LTCC Bandpass Filter for 2.4 to 2.5 GHz IMS Band

Mini-Circuits’ BFCO-252+ LTCC bandpass filter has a passband covering the 2400 to 2500 MHz ISM band with a wide stopband up to 8.5 GHz. This filter achieves 3.5 dB passband insertion loss, 35 dB lower stopband rejection and 23 dB upper stopband rejection. It is capable of handling up to 2W RF input power and comes in a tiny ceramic monolith (0.039 x 0.02 x 0.015”) with wrap-around terminations. BFCO-252+ is suitable for WLAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and many other ISM band applications.   

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